Quality and Quantity Inspection at loading and discharge operations


Surveyors of our company conduct cargo inspections during loading, transshipment and discharging, determining the quantity and quality of goods. Checking during loading allows you to control the compliance of the quantity and quality of products with the terms of the contract, as well as prevent shortages and re-grading of goods. Such an inspection is also carried out directly when stuffing or destuffing a container. Cargo expertise makes it possible to track changes in quality and quantity and establish the reasons if there are any deviations. Such a procedure reduces the risks of theft, damage to goods during transportation and improper stowage.


Quality inspection and quantity inspection when loading cargo onto a ship includes the following:


  • inspection of compliance of the number of packages and their labeling with the contractual specifications;
  • monitoring of the weighing on port scales or silo scales;
  • determination of the amount of loaded cargo by draft survey method, survey bunker, tally of the cargo (depending on the type of cargo);
  • constant monitoring by the inspector of cargo loading;
  • sealing if necessary;
  • sampling of cargo during loading;
  • laboratory testing of samples for compliance with the contract specifications of the client and existing standards;
  • issuing reports and certificates in accordance with approved international rules and regulations.
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