Hold & Tank Cleanliness Inspection


Inspection of the cargo compartment before loading will make sure that the holds are ready to receive your valuable cargo. Our experts will conduct a check to make sure that the hold is dry and clean and that there is no rust, rust flakes and paint that could damage or discolor your cargo. Inspection of holds ensures that the cargo will not be affected by its condition and that it will not be contaminated by residues already present in the holds.


If necessary, specialists of Ostra Pandi Services Co., Ltd. can conduct chemical testing on the absence of the remains of the previous cargo in the hold. As part of this testing, the ship’s log is checked for harmful materials among previous cargoes. We pay special attention to other goods transported that can cause problems due to quarantine requirements. The hold is also checked for damage, including checking repainted areas, since the hold must always be in such a condition that any possibility of damage from contact with the remnants of previously transported cargo and from contact with the structures and equipment of the vessel is excluded.

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