Launch of the online maritime library

Launch of the online maritime library

Witherbys are experts in maritime publishing, and last week they launched their new e-book software, building on critical issues such as cybersecurity, flexible access and increased data to allow seafarers to instantly and easily access the latest information and guides.  The new software will allow seafarers anywhere in the world to access the library  with publications, and its hybridity will provide greater flexibility and safety for those working at sea.

Witherby Connect is the name of the software, developed to meet the new IMO cybersecurity requirements and was created following the success of the company’s previous eBooks to provide a comprehensive maritime library with the added benefit of flexibility for online and offline use.

The product protects the intellectual property of authors and publishers, is browser-based, and therefore suitable for use, even with poor internet connection, where access cannot be guaranteed, but users can print and copy limited excerpts for reference.

Witherbys strive to adapt the way they deliver resources to users and to provide what the industry needs as it continues to evolve and change.

As for the principle of operation, it will act as follows – upon initial connection to the Internet in port or at sea, the browser caches all selected licensed publications, which means that after the information is “cached”, the user will not need to connect to the Internet to view their publications. This is a really good use for a recently available technology like WebAssembly.

Tests on board ships over the past three months have received feedback that Witherby Connect is easy to use, and ships with internet download speeds as low as 0.3 Mbps successfully access Witherby Connect on the high seas.

Want to remind that Witherbys, based in Edinburgh, is one of the largest and most successful publishing companies in Scotland, exporting a portfolio of over 400 specialized publications in the shipping sector to over 110 countries.

The company brings together working groups of specialist consultants from their respective sectors and in-house technical consultants, authors and editors to create high-quality, reputable publications.

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