Solving the problem of crew change

Solving the problem of crew change

New ways to solution

Managing crew change processes has always been a complex process. And now, due to the constantly changing rules of entry and exit from countries, it has become a real logistic rebus. To help solve it, a new project was created.

Travel software specialists from “Greywing” have launched the maritime industry’s first intelligent technology called ‘Crew Change’. This technology is designed to help companies navigate the rules of crossing the borders of different countries.

The history of the creation of a sea container and its difficult promotion in the world by the example of Malcolm McLean, the first entrepreneur who realized all its advantages. Today, the container is considered one of the most convenient forms of packaging and transportation of goods, but this was not always the case.

Greywing’s new technology called ‘Crew Change’

How this technology will function

The platform uses data from S5 Agency World to track the ever-changing quarantine, testing and vaccination requirements. Information from other sources, both public and private, is also used, in a total of 30. And in the future it is planned to add 20 more.

The developers of this promising project claim that “Crew Change” can help companies save millions of dollars by optimizing the crew change process.

Among the functions, it is worth noting that the service searches for the best flight options for moving sailors. Routes are also calculated or, if necessary, changes are made to reduce the time delays that affect the entire exchange process.

Due to its access to large amounts of data, Crew Change has the ability to fully update information on visa, quarantine, vaccination and testing requirements in just 15 minutes.

With the help of this platform, it will also be possible to assess routes at sea for pirate risks.

“Crew Change” helps you stay on top of changing immigration restrictions in hundreds of countries and thousands of ports around the world.

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