The number of large vessels lost

The number of large vessels lost

In Safety and Shipping Review 2021 were published data about the safety of maritime transport. From this review, it can be seen that the total number of large ship lost in 2020 was kept at a record low.

And this year, the downward trend in the number of registered cases continued. This indicator continues to remain at a low level for the third year.

But risk management challenges for shipowners and seafarers remain due to the crew change crisis. It is still ongoing, and in some countries the situation is even goes worse.

The number of problems associated with the increase in the size of the current ships is also rising (we wrote about this in one of the previous articles).

New questions are emerging related to changes in environmental requirements. And disturbance is growing over supply chain disruptions and delays. All this has a negative impact on the situation.

But nevertheless, over the past ten years, the number of ships lost has decreased by half: in 2011 it was 98 cases, and in 2020 – 49. The rate of incidents involving ships has also decreased.

The total number of ships lost is 870 over the past ten years.

The most insecure regions remain Indochina, the Philippines, Indonesia and southern China. Every third case in 2020 occurred in these territories.

Cargo ships account for 40% of all lost ships in the past ten years. And the main reason for the loss is the sinking of the ship. (every second case).

Among the causes of marine accidents, the most common is malfunction or failure of machinery.

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