Odessa seaport increases volumes

Odessa seaport increases volumes

Operation indicators analysis

The port of Odessa has reached the highest rate for the transshipment of metal products among the Ukrainian seaports according to data for January-October this year. During this period, the volume of transshipment amounted to 4.3 million tons of rolled steel and pig iron. Two more ports follow in terms of transshipment volumes – Mariupol and Nikolaev – 4.24 million tons and 2.52 million tons, respectively.

The highest figure was achieved by the port of Odessa in October and amounted to 450.46 thousand tons of rolled metal and cast iron.

In addition, the Odessa seaport has increased the transshipment of imports of oil products and petroleum by 1.5 times compared to last year.

Let us also recall that not so long ago the port of Odessa intensified its joint work with the Baltic ports, having drawn up agreements on cooperation during meetings with representatives of the maritime transport business within the framework of the events of the International Forum Trans Expo Odesa 2021, held in Odessa. The parties will work towards the development of multimodal transport by international transport corridors that combine the logistics routes of the Baltic and Black Sea.

About Odessa seaport

Short reference:

Odessa trade sea port with its area of ​​141 hectares is one of the largest in the Black Sea-Azov basin. The total number of berths of the port is 54, and the length of the berth line is more than 9 thousand meters. The port receives and services vessels up to 330 meters in length and up to 40 meters in width, and its capacity is 25 million tons of dry and the same amount of liquid cargo, that is, a total of 50 million tons (export / import and transit). Today, the port has 17 terminals and 15 port operator companies. The advantage of the port is the presence of a well-developed transport infrastructure, which allows the delivery of goods by all types of transport.

Currently, several large-scale investment projects for construction and reconstruction are being implemented on the port territory. This is, for example, a project for the construction of an overpass on the highway to the port, which is designed to exclude the passage of trucks through the city. It is planned to complete the implementation of this project in March 2022.

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