Agro production transshipment in p. Izmail

Agro production transshipment in p. Izmail

For 10 months, the port of Izmail has almost completely fulfilled the annual cargo handling plan.

Despite the general Ukrainian trend towards a decrease in the volume of annual exports of such a product as sunflower oil, in the port of Izmail this indicator remains at a consistently high level. And, moreover, there is a basis for predicting its growth by the end of the year.

Increase in the volume of transshipment of agricultural products in the port of Izmail.

Since 2013, agricultural products have been exported through the Izmail merchant seaport. Including such products as vegetable oil, oil-seed meal and fuel pellets. For the production of which they use mainly raw materials from agricultural enterprises in the Odessa region.

Such products are exported to various countries:

sunflower oil – to Turkey, Spain and Italy; rapeseed oil – to Bulgaria; oil-seed meal – to Morocco, Turkey and Egypt; pellets – to Romania.

For 10 months of this year, more than 68 thousand tons of oil and more than 76 thousand tons of oil-seed meal were handled in the port, and by the end of the year the figures will be increased, since now the season is in full swing.

 Thus, the volume of oil and meal handling in the Izmail seaport has increased: the figure for ten months of this year is 19% higher than last year.

About the port

The seaport of Izmail is an important transport hub, powerful and one of the most technologically advanced ports in the Danube waters.

Not only sea and river transport operates here, but also road and rail transport.

Among the nomenclature of goods, there is a large number of very different raw materials, for example, ore, coal, metals, and general cargo in various packaging – boxes, bags, big bags, etc.

The seaport of Izmail has 24 berths, three production and transshipment complexes, an impressive fleet of equipment and devices, its own fleet and a seaport.

The total area of ​​the port is 107.5 hectares, the handling capacity per year is up to 8.5 million tons of cargo.

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