Summing up the working results

Summing up the working results

Talking about the results of the past 2021, we would like to note a decrease in the transshipment of goods in the seaports of Ukraine by 3.8% compared to the year 2020.

Total, in 2021, a little more than 153 million tons of cargo were handled in Ukrainian seaports. A decrease in transshipment volumes was observed in relation to export, transit and coastal cargoes.

Along with this, a significant increase in processed cargo was noted in the transshipment of oil products, construction materials and grain cargo.

Indicators for individual ports

If we talk about the indicators of individual ports, then in five of them the transshipment volumes exceeded the indicators of 2020. These are such ports as Izmail, Reni, Chernomorsk, Ust-Dunaisk and Olvia.

The volumes for three more ports – Odessa, Nikolaev and Mariupol – remained practically at the same level, there was only a slight decrease in indicators within 1-3, 5%.

Freight traffic on the Dnieper river

Let us also remind that in 2021 the volume of cargo transportation along the Dnieper increased by almost a third in comparison with the indicators for 2020. Most of all, as well as in seaports, construction cargo, grain and metal products were transported. The volume of transportation of oil products has decreased. But in general, the number of vessel passages increased by 36.8%. And until April 2022, a break was announced in navigation at the Dnipro locks in connection with the repair and maintenance work.

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