Container inspections


Container inspections – bay-printing, visual inspection of containers, damage verification, control of seals and dangerous cargo marking as per IMO, stuffing, de-stuffing, sealing.


Involving a surveyor company to control the process of loading / unloading the container provides the Customer with complete information on both the progress of the process and the condition of the cargo. Our company Ostra Pandi Services Co., Ltd. has extensive experience both in surveying inspection of empty containers with the aim of assessing their condition and determining their readiness to accept cargo, and in inspecting containers damaged during the transportation of goods. Do not forget about the strict regulations for the routine inspection of containers. The use of a container that has not passed a mandatory examination requires the container owner to take the container out of commercial operation before the inspection. In the case of the transport of dangerous goods, the marking in accordance with the IMO assigned by the competent authority is checked, as well as the marking of the type and degree of danger of the cargo (danger label, cargo shipping name, UN number and classification code).

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