Hull & Machinery survey


The main purpose of this inspection is to ensure that, firstly, the hull of the vessel and its elements (decks, lining, bulkheads, set, etc.) retain their integrity and strength sufficient to successfully confront the forces encountered by the vessel at sea , and, secondly, that the tightness of the case and closures of all kinds of slots (hatches, entrances, fans, pipelines, scuppers, etc.) is ensured, i.e. buoyancy of the vessel is provided. This check allows you to make sure that the state of these seaworthiness will ensure safety at sea for the ship, people and the environment.


This type of survey allows you to establish the ability of the mechanical part to ensure the implementation of the most important functions, on which the safety of navigation or the operation of the vessel at sea largely depends. These functions primarily include providing continuous power for propulsive movement and providing power for the proper operation of the main ship systems, equipment and facilities (for example, steering gears, casting and fire systems, lighting, navigation and signaling devices, etc.).

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