Packing, Marking and Checking dimensions


All cargoes to be transported by any type of land, sea or air transport must be packed and marked in accordance with the established legislation and the rules for the carriage of cargoes.


This includes the following:


  • checking the serviceability, absence of defects and integrity of the packaging, regardless of the specifics of the cargo
  • verification of compliance of the packaging with the type of cargo, its volumes and dimensions. control of marking that displays basic information about the cargo transported (storage conditions, specifics, method of unloading, etc.).
  • for the transport of dangerous cargoes – control the use of exclusively certified containers;
  • verification of the absence of a combination of dangerous cargoes and any other cargoes in one package;
  • verification of the seal, which is a kind of additional protection against intentional damage


  • For food products and industrial raw materials – the name of the product, weight, composition, date of manufacture, batch number, storage conditions, consumption period, address of the manufacturer and name;
  • For a non-food group of goods – labeling should display general data on the basic properties of the product, the presence of substances harmful to human health and the environment, the method of loading and unloading and safe storage, the production date, name of the manufacturer, and expiry date.
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