Personal injury claims survey on behalf of P&I Clubs


The possibility of illness and injury is an inherent risk of living. Virtually all human activities bring a certain risk of injury or even death with them, although for most the risk is admittedly very small.


The role of the P&I Club is to provide the shipowner with adequate protection against financial loss through indemnity insurance for legal liabilities incurred in direct connection with the operation of ships insured by the Club. Liability for illness, injury or death is indeed a very significant risk category. On average, personal injury claims account for about one third of all liabilities, both in number and value. Unlike pollution claims, for instance, which may vary tremendously both in number and value from year to year, the share accounted for by personal injury claims is quite stable.


Our company “Ostra Pandi Services”, as a correspondent of many P&I Clubs, plays an important role in in the process of settling insurance claims.

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