Pre-loading inspection of cargo, On/Off-Hire and Pre-entry condition survey, Container inspections – bay-printing, visual inspection of containers


Pre-loading cargo inspection is carried out for cargo that is ready for loading, and is also carried out with the aim of calculating the cost of transportation and verifying the correct packing of the transported cargo.


This includes the following:


– confirmation of the availability of cargo in the warehouse or silo and determination of its quantity;

– inspection of the storage and assessment of the storage conditions of the cargoes;

– visual inspection of the condition of the cargo, inspection of the cargo container

– photographing the cargo, container,

– verification of labeling and quality of cargo packaging,

– taking samples to verify the quality of the shipped cargoes;

– verification of transport and shipping documents;

– checking the technical condition of the vehicle;

– assistance to the Master in clausing Bills of Lading / Mate’s Receipts.

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