Warehouse monitoring


When storing the cargo, the surveyor performs quality control, conducts an inventory and weighs the cargo. Damages to cargo received during storage or transportation are examined. The degree of damage is calculated, the visual state is classified. Then the cargo is weighed again, the storage conditions are checked and the processes of unloading / loading to the warehouse are inspected. Based on the results of the inspection, a survey report on the results of the inspection is compiled.


Survey inspection at the warehouse includes:


  • verification of the storage conditions of the cargoes: compliance with the temperature regime, stowage features, other special conditions necessary for the proper storage of certain types of cargoes;
  • inspection of contamination or damage to the cargoes that occurred during storage at the warehouse, loading operations or transportation;
  • inventory of cargoes in stock;
  • examination of product quality;
  • determination of the degree of damage to the cargoes, classification of cargoes according to visual condition, damage;
  • control of the process of unloading cargoes into a warehouse, loading into a container, a / m;
  • weighing the cargoes;
  • verification of labeling and packaging of cargoes;
  • Providing a survey report on the survey conducted.
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