Special Projects Survey


To keep costs down and minimize the possibility of damage or theft, most of the world’s cargo is now shipped in containers, which means it is placed in standard ISO containers, but due to size and weight restrictions, there is still a lot of cargo left to be shipped in bulk.


Large bulk cargoes are usually transported in separate parts because the cargo is often oversized and heavy, and, accordingly, cannot be placed in a container. These can be goods such as construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, windmills, yachts, steel, etc.


Breakbulk continues to play an important role in international trade as countries expand their infrastructure and these large cargoes are required to be used for the development of projects such as power generation (e.g. wind farms), petrochemical plants, mining, etc.


Examples of breakbulk cargo, which are surveyed by our specialists:

– Coils and rolls

– Equipment, machines and components

– Steel products such as steel beams, rods and structural steel

– Any long, heavy or oversized items


”OSTRA PANDI SERVICES” has over 20 years of experience in efficient work with breakbulk and special project survey.

We carry out surveys to determine the condition of the cargo and fastenings at the time of arrival of the vessel at the port of unloading, before unloading the vessel. The inspection covers questions of the carrier’s insurance and liability and is proof of the goods condition, even if the transportation was carried out correctly and safely.

Using industry experience, our surveyors work with shipping companies not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries (see Our offices).

While breakbulk rates are often higher than container shipping costs, considering the costs (and time delays) of disassembly, packaging, shipping, unpacking and reassembly, breakbulk often makes commercial sense.


Also, our services for special projects are intended to control and support operations for loading / unloading large, heavy and oversized cargo on board ships.

For many years of work we conducted variety types of project cargo’s survey  such as aircraft components, windmills, locomotives, tugs, pipes, tanks, transformers and more.

We work for any party involved in loading and unloading operations, and in addition, we serve large projects – both civil and commercial, including the stages of loading and unloading and also processing terminal operations.



at the same time with the breakbulk and special project inspections, the condition of holds inspection is usually required, as well as inspection of the sealing and unsealing of hatches.


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